These are areas where we deliver excellence. We ensure that our clients enjoy the best satisfaction humanly possible by providing them with service delivered by the best human hands. Our range of services is in the following sectors:
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Industry

Nature of Business

The object of our business is:
  • To acquire by purchase, exchange or otherwise either for the fullest estate permissible at law or for any less estate or interest, whether vested or contingent, lands, houses and buildings in the federal republic of Nigeria and any other lands, tenements, and premises of any tenure, whether subject or not to any charges or encumbrances, and to hold or to sell, let, alienate, mortgage, charge or otherwise deal with all of any of such lands, tenements or premises.
  • To erect, and construct houses, buildings or works of every description on any land of the company, or upon any other lands or property, and to pull down, rebuild, enlarge, alter and improve existing houses, buildings, or works thereon, to convert and appropriate any such lands into and for roads, streets, squares, gardens and pleasure grounds and other conveniences, and generally to deal with and improve the property of the company.
  • To construct, maintain and improve or subscribe towards the construction, maintenance, and improvement of roads, waterworks, and canals, and also tramways, railways, and other roads and ways, and quays and wharves, for the purpose of the company, or for access to the lands, works, and properties of the company, or to connect the same with other lines of communication.
  • To cultivate any estates, lands, and properties to be acquired by the company, and to develop the recourses of the same by draining, cleaning of the life or dead stock, timber, corps and any other produce of such lands, as may be necessary for carrying on of the business of lumbering, farming or pasturing of such lands.
  • To purchase, take on lease, or otherwise acquire and to work mines, minerals and mining rights in the federal republic of Nigeria or elsewhere and to work the mines and mining rights under or upon the lands and properties to be acquired by the company, and to cruse, wash, melt, reduce, or otherwise treat and render marketable and sell or dispose of the produce of any mines whether belonging to the company or not.
  • To sell, lease, let, mortgage, or otherwise dispose of the lands, houses, buildings, and other property of the company.
  • To purchase or otherwise acquire or to carry on the manufacture of bricks, stone or other building material of any kind whatsoever and all implements, machinery, bulldozers, tractors, cranes, transport vehicles, scaffolding and all things used by builders and contractors.
  • To carry on the business of hotel, restaurant, café, roadhouse, hotel, holiday camp, caravan site and apartment house keepers.
  • To fit up and furnish any property for the purpose of letting out same to visitors or guest whether in single rooms, suites, chalets, caravan, moveable structures, cottages or otherwise.
  • To carry on the trade or business of wholesale warehousemen, removers, storers, packers, and carriers of personal property of every description and to issue warrants to persons warehousing goods with the company and to lend money upon security of such goods.
  • To carry on the business of an investment company and for that purpose to acquire and hold either in the name of the company or in that of any nominee, shares stock, debentures, debentures stock, bond notes, obligation and securities issued or guaranteed by any government, sovereign ruler or commissioners, public body or authority, supreme dependent, municipal, local or otherwise in any part of the world.
  • To acquire upon such terms as the directors think fit, all or any of the stock, shares, and securities of, and the whole of any interest in the undertakings and businesses of any companies, firms, or person or any similar businesses.
  • From time to time to subscribe or contribute to any charitable, benevolent, or useful objects of a public character the support of which will. In the opinion of the company, tend to increase its repute or popularity among its employees, its customers or the public.
  • To distribute in specie or otherwise as may be resolved any assets of the company among its members and, particularly the shares, debenture or other securities of any part of the assets or liabilities of this company.
  • To do all or any of the matter hereby authorized (in any part of the world) either alone or in conjunction with, or as factors, trustees, or agents for, any other companies or persons, or by or through any factors, trustees or agents.
  • To take or otherwise acquire, and hold shares, debentures, or other securities of any other company.
  • To purchase, take on lease or in exchange, hire, and otherwise acquire any real and personal property, and any rights or privileges which the company may think necessary or convenient for the purpose of its business, and in particular any land, buildings, easements, machinery, plant, and stock in trade.
  • To issue and allot fully or partly paid up shares in the capital of the company in payment or part payment of any real or personal property purchased or otherwise acquired by the company or any services rendered to the company.
  • To amalgamate or enter into partnership or into any management for sharing of profits, union of interest, cooperation, joint venture, reciprocal concession, or otherwise, with any person or company carrying on or engaged in or about to carry on or engage in any business or transaction which the company is authorized to carry on or engage in, or any business or transaction capable of being conducted so as directly to benefit the company.
  • To invest and deal with the money of the company not immediately required in such manner as may from time to time be thought fit.
  • To borrow or raise or secure the payment of money, in such manner as the company may think fit and to secure the same or the repayment or the performance of any debt liability contract guarantee or any other engagement incurred or to be entered into by the company’s property (both present and future), redeem or pay off such securities.
  • To carry on any other business which may seem to the company capable of being conveniently carried on in connection with its business or calculated directly or indirectly to enhance the value of or render profitable any of the company’s property or rights.
  • To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects and the exercise of the powers of the company.
  • To undertake or direct the management of the property, buildings, lands, and estate (of any tenure of any kind) of any person, whether members of the company or not in the capacity of stewards or receivers or otherwise.

Core values

The company’s core values serve as guidelines for all employees in their effort to run the company.

  • Competitive

    Been able to compete regionally and internationally, boosting growth through investment, establishing a culture of cost consciousness and rewarding performance.

  • Integrity

    Manage our business with high regard to professionalism, avoiding conflicts of interest, zero tolerance for bribery and corruption, upholding trust and honesty.

  • Competence

    Our managers and employees are professional and talented with strong will and abilities and are committed to their responsibilities and the overall interest of the company.

  • Innovation

    We grow through creativity, invention and innovation.

  • Commercial

    Creating commercially oriented added value, taking decisions based on sound business principles.

  • Ethics

    We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.

  • Customer Focus

    We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith.