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Nayee Law Publications Limited

Nayee Law Publications Limited is a subsidiary of the GKO Group. It handles the production and publication arm of the group, and is also involved into the production/printing of law resources, judgments of various courts in Nigeria and books among others.

Elctronic Consolidated Law Report (E.C.L.R) And Consolidated Monthly Law Report (C.M.L.R)

The Electronic Consolidated Law Report (E.C.L.R.) is a collection of Laws, Rules of Courts, Laws of Nigeria and various States of the Federation. It also includes foreign judgments and selected Laws of other jurisdictions. It is owned by Nayee Law Publications Ltd. (the Company).

Before the current innovation and efforts to construct the E.C.L.R,        the company was producing the Consolidated Monthly Law Report C.M.L.R in both CD-room and print format. Improvement in the use of technology and the internet, has however prompted our team to improve the format of the C.M.L.R by making it an online resource having a software application for all platforms especially android and IOS among others.

The E.C.L.R application and software runs seamlessly and include the following resources:

  • Over 6,000 Court of Appeal judgments
  • Over 3,000 Supreme Court judgments
  • Over 70,000 ratios
  • Super-fast Search Engine
  • Civil Procedure Rules
  • Over 600 Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria among others


The Justinian (Online & Hard Copy Magazine)

The magazine publication highlights the achievement and advancement in the legal profession as they occur, providing indebt viewpoints from the leading members of the Nigerian and African Bar and Bench. The magazine enlightens the public in divers areas of interest and improvements in law and society, making the public and especially the members of the legal profession to be appraise of happenings in the world, Africa, Nigeria and especially in the Nigerian Legal Profession.

The magazine focuses on the provision of an equitable forum for intelligent and constructive dialogue on trending issues, with well researched articles that are educative and informative and resourceful to Lawyers, Judges, educationist, politicians and business men, accommodating both the high and low and even the downtrodden, seeking for the interest of all and the common good, efficiently upholding the dignity of the legal profession without fear or favour with transparency, respect for the rule of law and objectivity as guiding principles.

Our Vision is to apply the principles of law equally without prejudice to any tribe, religion or creed, we believe that everyone is deserving of justice in its purest form. We uphold the law, which if well applied with integrity and a balance, justice will prevail.

Our Objective in NAYEE:

Our primary objective is to be the number one source for people who want to access law resources in Nigeria.  We have therefore outlined five major goals:

  1. To maximize opportunities
  2. To create resource stickness
  3. Support site management:
  4. Ensure accessibility
  5. Support long – term success

By implementing appropriate online practices, our online sites are no longer a static site that simply holds information, but a dynamic online platform for lawyers, law students, researchers and the general public and one that invites, interacts with and engages users.


Core values of NAYEE

  • Customer Focus: We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith.
  • We grow through creativity, invention and innovation.
  • We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.
  • Integrity: Manage our business with high regard to professionalism, avoiding conflicts of interest, zero tolerance for bribery and corruption, upholding trust and honesty.
  • Commercial: creating commercially oriented added value, taking decisions based on sound business principles.
  • Competence: our managers and employees are professional and talented with strong will and abilities and are committed to their responsibilities and the overall interest of the business.

Accept the assurances of our highest esteem.


Yours faithfully,

GANI, Hossana Esq.

For: Nayee Law Publications Ltd.

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