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Geekos Security Nigeria Limited

Is a renowned Nigerian indigenous security, pipeline-surveillance and maintenance Company. The company was founded in the year 1989. The company has done a lot of businesses and has handled a lot of contracts in the Niger Delta region and the entire country of Nigeria at large.

Geekos carry out security services in a professional manner and had protected one of the Military Presidents of Nigeria.

The company had also protected oil wells pipelines, especially for shell SPCD, and other major oil companies operating in Nigeria etc.

The company is also into and had carried out the business of maintaining broken pipelines.


It is our policy to compensate a host community which records hundred percent clean sheets on Nigeria’s pipeline surveillance and maintenance of Right of Way (ROW)


  • To carry on the business of general security services, importers, exporters, supplies, contractors, designers of all forms of security hardware/software of all descriptions.
  • To act generally as agents, manufacturers and representatives for the sale, purchase, or distribution of all forms of security equipment.
  • To act and serve as security consultants in any manner whatsoever, organize seminars in matters relating to management, organization and operation of all kinds of security installations and systems.
  • To evaluate, cost and design security layouts in all kinds of premises and establishments.
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