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Falcon Bay Energy Limited

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Falcon Bay Energy Limited (the Company) is a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Companies and Allied Matters Act, 1990 on the 2nd day of February, 2009 with registration number RC 798542.

The company was incorporated to carry out integrated business in the production, refining, storage, supply and distribution of oil, gas, renewable and new energy both within and outside Nigeria.

Built on strong commercial principles, the Company has its ultra-modern and computerized head office at No. 4 Gado Nasko Close, Asokoro FCT-Abuja, Nigeria.

The Company strives to provide the best and a real contribution to the welfare of the nation in utilizing every potential of Nigeria.

With everyday improvement and innovation in all operations, meeting up with global best practices and trends, the company has been placed on optimum results and attains its mandate of fulfilling its strategic role in the national economy, giving initiatives in harnessing resources and potentials as a major player in the oil and gas sector of Nigeria dealing in petroleum, new and renewable energy. The company has been progressing steadily and actualizing in its vision of becoming a world class company.

To realize the company’s vision, the Company has established a lot of corporate/commercial strategy, wherein the company seeks to expand its upstream business while making the downstream business more efficient and profitable.

The company relaxes on a solid foundation (its Vision and Mission), the Company is placed in a good position to realize its goals. With strong corporate governance in accordance with global standards and best practices, respecting environmental laws and advocating for a clean environment, upholding its Corporate Core Values and a manifest commitment to the realization of its object, strong motivation to all employees and liaising with concerned stake holders the company has been growing steadily since incorporation.

The company has a well-structured social security program for its employees and a strong commitment to its corporate social responsibility and global best practices in relation to environmental regulations for the oil and gas industry.

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