GKO Group

GKO Group is a very broad parent company, with many subsidiaries. Despite our variety, we remain uncompromising in ensuring excellence for whatever we do.

GKO Properties Limited

GKO properties is a very broad parent company, with many subsidiaries. Despite our variety, we remain uncompromising in ensuring excellence for whatever we do.

The Chairman


GKO Group is founded by Olorogun (Barr.) Kenneth O. Gbagi FNIM, who is also the Chairman and GMD of the Company. Olorogun (an exalted title in Ughelli, Delta State Nigeria) as he is fondly called by friends and peers, is a seasoned business man heading and chairing the board of GKO Group and all its subsidiaries and associated companies (GKO Properties Limited, Falcon Bay Energy Ltd, Geekos Security Nigeria Limited, Geekos Investment Limited, Nayee Law publications Limited, Light House Cinemas, Woodridge Hotels, Hotels in Lagos, Warri and Abuja operating with the franchise Golden Tulip among other companies/businesses). Olorogun is an intelligent and humble business man with a track record of industry, excellence in administration, business management, entrepreneurship and skill development. A philanthropist to the core, always lending a helping hand to young people and start-up companies to grow, thereby boosting economic development and business in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. He is also a lawyer and the managing partner of Kenneth O. Gbagi & Associates.

He is the first black man the world over to attend the converted ARCH C. KLUMPH society member of the Rotary Club Worldwide, a former minister of the Federal republic of Nigeria and the former Chairman of the Legal Aid Council of Nigeria. He is presently off partisan politics and now occupy the exalted position of an elder statesman and public commentator for good governance. He has many decades of experience in tourism, oil, construction, hospitality, industry, publication and education. He has brought tremendous progress and growth to his home state of Delta State and Nigeria as a whole. He has always emphasized that he will not renege in doing good to mankind, upholding the strong virtue of truthfulness, honesty, respect, transparency and hard work.


Our Vision

The company's vision is to be a world class property company.

Our Mission

The company’s mission focuses on running the company’s core business in property development base on strong corporate/commercial principles. It is outlined thus:
  • To carry out integrated business services core in property development and construction, building and works, lease, maintenance and purchase of property both within and outside Nigeria.

  • To realize the companies vision as a world class company.

  • To implement and support government policies and programs in the economy and support national development in general, especially in energy businesses and operations, including new and renewable energy, oil and natural gas both domestically and abroad.

  • To optimize the company’s resources to produce high quality and competitive goods and services and attain profitability.


The company guarantees work environment which is environmentally friendly, operation without hazardous waste, makes an effort to reduce emissions in the environment and improve energy efficiency. The company commits to improve employee’s ability and skills particularly in HSSC aspect which fulfill either local or international requirements.

Our Goals
  • Regional expansion in the property business and develop a strong base of key customers.
  • Increase the assets and investments of the company to support the object/services of the company.
  • To build good reputation in the property business field as a key player in the industry.
  • To protect our people, assets and the communities in the sights where we work.
  • To minimize our impact on the environment.
  • To apply international best practices in our business everywhere and always comply with local legislations.
  • To promote a culture that drive continual improvement in HSSC performance.
Our Commitment

The company is committed to:

  • Managing HSSC issues as any other business activity.
  • Controlling HSSC risk, methodically.
  • Reporting openly on their performance.
  • Providing appropriate HSSC training to employees
  • Motivating and rewarding HSSC performance among employees
Quality Assurance

The company is committed to an uncompromising quality control through a comprehensive professional quality assurance system. Every stage of our company’s project meets specifications using highest standards.


Financial Considerations:

 The company has been attaining its projected and desired profits annually and does not anticipate serious cash flow problems. We believe that the average profitability per month for each year will be sufficient. However, we have not been involved in any borrowing of a credit facility that has crippled or affected the smote running of our business.

Employees and Management

The company’s work force is headed by top notch and competent personnel who are experienced in the property business sector and committed to achieving the mission and vision of the Company, at both staff and management level.

GKO Properties Limited employee handbooks serve as guideline to govern, in conducting its business. Implementation of the principles of good corporate governance (transparency, accountability, responsibility, independency and fairness) is necessary to assure the company’s survival against the strict competition. It is hoped that the employee handbook will be able to be a vehicle towards the company’s vision and mission.

The handbook contains provision related to the employee responsibility, meetings, rights and obligations, privileges it also captures the company’s corporate governance including the management of the company’s subsidiaries and the relations to the companies stake holders.

Particulars of Directors and Secretary